Here are some tracks I made with television advertisements as inspiration.

(can’t play these on your device? Visit the BandCamp page)

Inspired by the high-tech smartphone ads that tout a bazillion features on devices with crazy names.

Inspired by the soothing, pastel sounds of pharmaceutical ads that ultimately overpromise and underdeliver (not counting the side effects, of course).

Day One
Inspired by those energy drinks that combine hard to pronounce ingredients the promise of unbounded activity and excitement. This is actually a remix of a remix of “One Day” that I did, minus any proprietary stems from the original track.

Inspired by abstract, moody fragrance advertisements that feature lots of drama and no bright colors.

Inspired by car commercials. In this case, imagining the music a Chinese car manufacturer would use to sell cars to the Western world.

Suburban Drive
Inspired by the carefree, southern California vibe of convenience stores selling junk food to teens on their summer break.


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