Nickelback is next on I Hate Pop

15 01 2011

A new I Hate Pop track. This one’s made from just one Nickelback song, “Gotta Be Somebody”.


Reddit Holiday Album

3 12 2010

Reddit members created a 2010 holiday album called Full Double reddit Xmas Album All The Way. Proceeds go to charity. Turing Tape has a track on there entitled Demented King Wenceslas. It’s a version of the traditional tune as played by a drunken, raving-mad King and his minions.

New Justin Bieber remix/mashup

19 11 2010

A new I Hate Pop track. This one’s made from three Justin Bieber tracks (U Smile, Somebody To Love, Up).

New Project: I Hate Pop

24 10 2010

A lot of pop sucks. Can we take bits and pieces of bad pop songs and mash them up into something better (or, at least more interesting)?

Here are the first two tracks:

Made with sounds solely from the following songs: Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow, Ke$ha – Tik Tok, Jason Derulo – Ridin Solo, Kanye West – Heartless, Carrie Underwood – Undo It, Usher – OMG, Katy Perry – California Girls.


Made with sounds solely from the following song: Lady Gaga – Bad Romance.


28 09 2010

Another page added; this one to house remixes I’ve done. Here’s the first:

One Night
A remix of David Latour’s One Day

New project: 1000 Fingers

19 06 2010

Let’s take one instrument. Now let’s clone it like Dolly the Sheep. And let’s layer the clones like puff pastry. What comes out? Check it out. Here’s the first track.

FAQ: ScourSound

2 05 2010

So what is ScourSound?
It’s a project where I make music based on free or public domain sounds I find on the Internet.

What’s the point?
I’ve always enjoyed listening to my surroundings in everyday life. Question is, can I make music out of these found sounds, similar to how visual artists create visual art out of found objects? And further, can I gather these sounds not in my physical environment, but in the virtual one offered by the World Wide Web?

Where do you get the sounds you use?
Most anywhere. Public domain or sound archive databases and searching using popular Internet search engines, mostly.

Do you process the sounds at all?
Yes. While all the sounds I use are free or public domain and found, I take the liberty of processing them. This includes applying effects, EQ, slowing them down or speeding them up, and so on.

Wait, isn’t that cheating?
Cheating implies there are rules. And I believe in art, there are no rules.