Hi everyone, George Perantatos aka Turing Tape here. I’m a Seattle composer and musician who combines synths and digital sounds with acoustic and electric instruments. My goal is to make concept or thematic albums anchored on a central premise or idea.

Each track off of my debut album, Phenomena, is inspired by a natural phenomenon like the northern lights, the eclipse of the moon, or a rainstorm. I hope you have a chance to listen and enjoy.

My sound can range from mellow to energetic, and from synthesized to orchestral. Some might say my music is similar to Tycho, Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, Ochre, and The Flashbulb.

I’ve been composing and performing music for over twenty years. In that time I’ve played solo instruments, collaborated with other musicians in bands, and created electronic music. I look forward to making and sharing more music with you in 2021! Please reach out via social media or here on my website to stay in touch.

What’s with the name?

The name Turing Tape comes from computer science. It’s part of a theoretical machine invented by and named after Alan Turing. It has an infinitely-long tape with symbols that correspond to instructions, allowing it to do everything modern computers can do.

The machine reflects the fundamental limitations of mechanical computation, because it shows some problems can’t be completed even if given millions of years.

How do you make your music?

The music is made with a variety of digital and analog virtual instruments providing both synthesized and recorded sound. FL Studio is used to orchestrate, mix, and master that sound into the finished product.