The debut album

A sound exploration of some of the world’s natural phenomena

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I wanted to make an album inspired by the amazing things that we take for granted in the natural world. I focused on creating sounds that bring to mind these phenomena.



A slowly growing and expanding progression of synths, emulating the new light of a clear day

Morning Fog

A quiet and ethereal soundscape, with a muffled and light sound

Gathering Storm

Sounds of wind and chimes are scattered throughout this swirling track as the energy builds and develops

Erupting Volcano

An all-percussion arrangement, with the energy and vigor akin to magma spewing forth from a mountain

Desert Mirage

Like a mirror, several parts of this track reflect each other in melody and pattern


Echoes of Sunrise with a more melodic theme as the bright sun slowly fades into the horizon

Aurora Borealis

Polyrhythmic ethnic percussion and synths create a mood that ancient people might have felt when encountering a strange light show in the sky

Lunar Eclipse

A structured, layered piece that illustrates a darkening, reddening shadow on the moon

Glowing Tide

The sound of the sea as it ebbs and flows, with nighttime waves aglow


The ascending and descending patterns of this piece are pitched in a way that matches the frequencies of light in the visible spectrum

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