The new year is upon us

Greetings, everyone! Things have been quiet around here, mostly due to some life events that have put a damper on creating and sharing new music with you all. But I intend to change that.

While the beginning of a new calendar year is somewhat arbitrary, it is a time to reflect and to set goals. And my goal for 2022 is to both create more music and to get the word out about my music to more people.

As a small, random, and somewhat uncharacteristic treat, I share with you a remix I did eight years ago. It’s a combination of four popular songs from that time and from years ago by Avicii, Ke$ha, Psy, and Nirvana. You’re now curious, right? Listen to it here.

I hope everyone has a healthy, safe, productive, and music-filled new year, and I appreciate you listening and supporting Turing Tape.


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