Pandemic’s End Now Available

It’s here! My first release since my debut album. You can hear the single on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and other services, too. I hope you enjoy listening, and I also hope that this pandemic will be over soon.

Coming soon: Pandemic’s End

My next release will be a single entitled Pandemic’s End.

Like many of you, this past year (plus) was an unprecedented one. We endured isolation, adjustment, confusion, and grief brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic, and are now starting to feel elation and relief as vaccines become available.

We sit at the beginning of the end of this pandemic. We’re ready to move forward, but can’t do so with pure joy, given the countless people who lost their lives to the disease.

I thought it fitting to create a work that incorporates this combination of feelings: the anticipation of happiness and hope as we return to some level of normalcy mixed with the apprehension of what the future may bring and the sadness and melancholy for those who we are leaving behind.

I expect the single to release next month, in May. I’ll share a pre-save link here so you all can be alerted when it’s live.

Be well, and stay hopeful.


Five weeks in

It’s been five weeks since my album Phenomena debuted. Since then:

  • The album has been streamed over 2,800 times by over 1,500 listeners on Spotify.
  • Tracks from the album have been added to 20 Spotify playlists.
  • Sunrise was featured on the Flow State podcast.
  • I’ve connected with dozens of musicians on Instagram and have over 130 followers.

If you’re an established musician, these numbers are small. But, for an independent artist with a debut release five weeks ago, it’s an encouraging start.

I’m grateful for everyone who’s listening and sharing my music. I’m excited to make more in 2021!